Risk Management

At CIS insurance, Inc. we understand that the key to success in each area of risk management is good planning supported by constant monitoring and future adjustments with a systematic and extensive approach, in which all relevant risks are taken into consideration. each client.

Property Insurance

We cover your property as suggested by the bank (Hazard) and we provide other much more extensive and necessary coverage for owners of residences and commercial properties. Plus, we can cover your property’s contents, freight cars, loss of business income, flooding, and much more.

Insurance for Condominiums

Our condominium insurance protects the buildings and homes managed under the condominium laws in Puerto Rico, against different risks that may affect the buildings and common areas, guaranteeing the peace of mind of its residents.

Professional Responsibility

All public liability policies exclude this risk. Therefore, if you are a professional, whether you are an engineer, architect, doctor, surveyor, nurse, network professional, property manager, lawyer, among others, you need In addition, this type of cover, since they will specifically protect you from possible errors or omissions.