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HO6 Policy

The HO6 policy or "Home Owner #6" offers coverage for the structure and private elements, that is, they are not considered common elements under the Condominium Law.

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Why the HO6 policy?

Under the new Condominium Law, private elements and improvements are the responsibility of each owner. Orient yourself on the importance of having an HO6 policy.

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HO6 Policy

The HO6 insurance policy is the most common type of policy used to insure homes and condominiums in the United States and Puerto Rico. The HO6 is a specifically named
perils insurance policy .

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Do you know the HO6 policy?

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Our condominium insurance protects buildings under the condominium laws in Puerto Rico.

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We cover your property as suggested by the bank (Hazard) and we offer other much more extensive coverage.

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We cover the contents of your property, loss of business income, flooding and much more.

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